Find nodes that are one hop away

Hello. I have a network that consists of 9 ZB xbee radios[(4 routers)*(2 rooms)+1 router in-between to keep the network functioning]. is there anyway that i can find out which routers are connected with each other in not more than 1 hop? a node identification request, returns every member of the network.

ie. i have something like this:

router1,router2,router3,router4 in room A
router5,router6,router7,router8 in room B
routerAB between rooms A and B

routers in one room are too far to “see” the routers in the other room, so routerAB links the networks (all of them operate with the same pan id)

i want to discover the routers that are in the same room(1 hop away. to get to the other room i need 2 hops)

Try the following:

  • Set BH to 1 (broadcast hops)
  • Apply changes by sending an AC command
  • Send a network discovery (ND) command

This should discover only the devices that are 1 hop away.