Reading RSSI from remote devices

Hello. I have installed a simple network with xbee zb’s in api mode. Basically, it’s a coordinator that links to router1, which in turn links to router2. Both routers link to 3 end devices. I want to be able to read rssi measurements from all the end devices, as seen from both routers. Is it possible? ie.


e1 is linked to router 1
e2 is linked to router 2

i want to be able to read rssi between (e1,e2, to r1) and (e1,e2 to r2)

is it possible or am i going to be reading 2 useless measurements? (e2,r1 and e1,r2 will return the r1,r2 measurement always? the last hop?) If i turn all the devices to routers am i going to have the same problem? i tried sending a broadcast remote at DB command but nothing returns… not even an error/invalid frame etc

Can you post the bytes in the API remote DB command you sent?

The DB value reports the RSSI of the last hop from the last received RF packet. Since end devices always talk directly with their parent router, DB would indicate the RSSI of the last packet they received from their parent.