mesh topology and/or neighbours table

Hi, I have spent hours without getting a clear solution …

Is there an easy way of getting current neighbours table from a remote device using API commands ?

Or even better … is there a way of getting current mesh topology ??

which modules are using ?? S1?? S2B??

and which firmware ?? DigiMesh??


I’m running XB24-ZB with firmware 218C

I have not problem changing firmware, if it helps

To the best of my knowledge there is no direct way of doing this.

One method that I know is to first set BH parameter on all nodes to 1, this will limit sending of broadcast message to at max 1 hop away i.e. to immediate neighbours only.

Now you can issue ‘Node Discovery ND’ command on each node locally or using remote AT command frame. During node discovery, each node will respond with its parent’s network address as well.

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But for DigiMesh module, I guess there is a direct command ATFN to find all neighbouring nodes.

mmm it seems my firmware doesn’t support FN command …
Any way, I’ve found this document where describes how to manage network layer with API commands:,d.Yms

I woudln’t like to have to write code for this … but it may be a solution …

If you want to use à mesh topology, you should change your firmware to xxx-DM (xxx is your xbee model).

DM is DigiMesch.