What is straight way to measure RSSI between endpoint and two or more routers

What is straight way to measure RSSI between endpoint and two or more routers?

Say I have coordinator A, two routers B and C, and endpoint D, and I need RSSI for BD and CD routes.
Something like FN “Find Neighbors” command from D.

What product are you working with? If it is a Digi Mesh network then the Find Neighbors would do the trick. If it is a Zigbee network then you can only find the parent router from an end device. You can’t find the other routers or coordinator as the end device talks through its parent only.

I use XB24c and problem was with XCTU (even with last version and last updates) - I can’t find Digi Mesh firmware in upload window as well in “Firmware explorer window”. Fortunately my windows 10 on noutbook suddenly will not load after update and I need to reinstall it, and all soft on it. And wonder, XCTU after install from zero just show DigiMesh firmware. Then I install XCTU in new directory on my desktop and again can see Digimesh

how do you do it using digimesh? can´t see in documentation how you get this parameter.

Look in pdf from

Hi, have already read the .pdf and can not find where how can I get in the python digi-xbee lib how to get it, it´s very frustrating, at this point we are trying to add a method in the lib that does it. Using Xctu is easy to send at commands, but with python lib not.
Thanks in advanced for your help.

You would need to send a local ATFN command via a Python API call. Try the Local AT command function with the value of FN.