Collect RSSI value from several XBee s3 pro

Hi, I’m doing positioning project with the XBee pro s3b product and I would like to read the RSSI value from another 3 xbee , I need to send broadcast signal and got rssi within ip address

Is it possible to got it ?


The XBee module is a Serial communications product. Not an Ethernet based product. It does not support IP addressing. So I don’t see how that would work.

I need to find RSSI of each node connected in the mesh network

Sounds like what you want is to look at the diagnostic functions that exist within a Digi mesh network.

In a mesh network, you can ONLY find the RSSI for the last hop. The reason for this is that one it takes up room for the data plus two it is a mesh network where the rout can take from transmission to transmission.

Thanks ,
if i have coordinator and 3 end point ,i can’t recieved 3 rssi of each end point? and i don’t have method to know mac address with rssi to all of endpoints ?

The 900 HP is NOT a zigbee mesh product. It is a proprietary mesh. Coordinators are only used in synchronized sleep networks. Also there is nothing called an End device in it. They are all routers. You can send either a Unicast packet or a broadcast packet. Either way, if you use API mode you would get the address of who sent the packet if that data came out the UART. If that packet is to be forwarded on (Not a global packet or for that module) then you would not know as only packets for a module are sent out the UART.