RSSI In a Multihop Xbee Mesh network

I have been working on this for a long time now and I really think that there should be a way to figure out RSSI of different nodes in Xbee MESH Network. I know RSSI is the value of very last hop. This is so confusing because if I broadcast a data in mesh network from Co-ordinator to all routers and then find out rssi of a specific router then it will never be accurate because the last hop might be some other router and not the co-ordinator.

I think there should be solution to this problem.
-If we can figure out the routes of which our broadcast message went then we can probably say that coming value is correct or not.

In my project I am using a mesh network and I need to find RSSI of each router connected in the network to the Co-ordinator. Some routers can be far away and because of last hop rssi values I don’t know how to get the correct values of particular node.

Any help will be appreciated.

Which XBee product and related firmware are you working with?