RSSI product not last hop

I am currently doing a project with xbee XBP24 for indoor location but I found a problem that when I request from a router to perform a query on their RSSI. The problem is that it always returns the RSSI of the last hop, I need to know if you sell any other product for this requested condition.

My intentions in the project are to have a coordinator, four routers and an end device.
The four routers connected to a microcontroller making RSSI queries to the end device but I need the RSSI to be from each router that requests it.

Thank you very much and sorry for my poor level of English

Sounds like what you really need is a Non Mesh Point to multi-point product. All of the mesh products are only going to be able to provide the RSSI for the last hop.

Try looking at the 802.15.4 XBee instead. You can then use a processor connected to the XBee’s scattered around to query a command from a Roaming XBee then read back the RSSI from that respond packet and forward it to a known base that is centrally located to the others.