While doing range test with end device , router and coordinator, Local and Remote RSSI Indicates what???

Non routing Coordinator XbeeDM 865 LP is connected to Laptop and XCTU software. There is also one Router and a Non Routing module (end device) .
From Xctu Range Test tool I am able to discover Router and Non routing module. I selected the Non routing module and Started the test.
In Range test tool I am seeing Local RSSI and Remote RSSI.
I need to know what does this mean. I am sure here coordinator is local. Is local RSSI the strength with which Router received the coordinator signal or the strength with which End device received signal from router.
(I am assuming direct communication between End device and coordinator is not happening because I am not even able to discover end device if router is off. So that must indicate when router is on the message is passing through the router).

Likewise is remote RSSI the strength which Coordinator received Routers signal or strength with which router received end device signal.

Local RSSI: RSSI value of last received packet by local module i.e module serially connected.

Remote RSSI: RSSI value of last received packet by remote modue. This value is fetched over the air from remote module by local module.