Autonomous Xbee Digimesh sensor node

Can an Xbee digimesh device periodically sample its digital and analog inputs and send to a master node without using a microcontroller? I just want to program a device with XCTU, sample its I/O and send to the master node and then have it do its thing without any controller. That should be possible. The master node does have an MCU (Beaglebone).

Sure it is. Just make sure that your Master is in API mode as that is how the ADC and DIO data is provided.

Ok. I am getting data at the master node from 2 other nodes. I have d0 and d1 configured as digital inputs with pull ups and d3 configured as an analog input. I have figured out what fields in the output are sl, sh, d0, d1 and adc2, but wonder what is the meaning of the other fields. Here is what I have figured out so far. This is one frame broken into 32 bit fields.

7e001492 7e is start of frame, 0014 is frame length, 92 is ??
0013a200 sh
4106aac7 sl
fffec101 ??
00030400 ??
02021c1a I/O first 02 is d0 and d1 in lower bits, last 16 bits are adc2