AD0 (pin20) and "network discovery"

I have a DigiMesh2.4 (fw 8062) configurated with 2 ADC one on PIN20 and one on PIN19 as a stand-alone node.

Then I have another DigiMesh2.4 (fw 8062) connected to PC and using this I send a ND command (7E 00 04 08 01 4E 44 64) using X-CTU.
I receive no response.

If I set PIN20 as disabled on stand-alone node, this respond correctly to ND command.

Can y help me please?

The configuration of stand-alone node is the follow:

Looks like it might be a bug, but you might want to try firmware 8064 first, which was released May 2012. I see it’s NOT on the web site, but it is on the FTP site: