AW24-G300 Ethernet network bonding

The online doco below does not reflect the WebUI layout on our AW24-G300. (|_____8)

To be more specific, i do not have the “Ethernet Network Configuration” dialogue.
I do however have a “NETWORK > INTERFACES > ETH1” section under Configuration, but there are no “Bonding” options that I can see.
Please note, I currently only have one NIC physically attached to the network at this point in time.

Where can I find current information on the procedure to enable “Network Bonding”?

Hi and welcome to Digi Forum.

After the upgrade to the new DAL firmware or later, the ETH behavior is changed and the bonding feature is not there anymore currently. There is a plan to implement this feature back in next months, or alternatively, there are other configuration options to obtain failover depending on your specific needs.

For any further help or questions on this subject, I would suggest you to send us an email to

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Sounds nice!


I just tried setting up bonding on the current Firmware version (09/13/2021) and it works.
A description of the bonding setting in the Active-Backup mode with a specific example and with screenshots can be found here