AWS: serving XML data type

I have just upgraded from Net+Works 6.0F to 6.3, and I think I am noticing a new problem with the rphttpd library.

I use PBuilder on a file called ‘test.xml’. Pbuilder appears to generate the same code it did before; the fMimeDataType field is eRpDataTypeXml. But when the page is served, the Content-type header is application/octet-stream instead of text/xml, which it was in the prev. version.

I will try to attach the test files. Any ideas out there?

Rick S.

UPDATE: It looks like this is fixed in the “rollup patch” (

– Rick S.

Where does one get this patch?


… I ran into a couple of Makefile problems while recompiling the BSP, so be careful.
(1) (I’m building for Connect EM) in netos63_gnu/src/bsp/platforms/connectem, the makefile used “connectme” instead of “connectem” in two places
(2) The gnusrc directory didn’t get remade, had to make it manually.

I’d found it just before seeing this reply. I’m using connectme and connectwime. I assume I’ll have to make those fixes to use the wime as well.