BACnet for Dia?

Howdy! I’ve seen the BACrabbit project, and the Modbus drivers for Dia, but are there BACnet drivers for Dia?

All I need is a super-simple client that reads/sends 1 binary setting :slight_smile:

I’ve searched and searched but haven’t found anything. I even tried compiling BACpypes for 2.4 but it won’t work. Thanks so much for any help!

Unfortunately I don’t know enough about Python to say how much effort would be involved in taking the BACpypes code and making a DIA driver out of it. The BACnet functionality you require is certainly there in BACpypes and it would probably be the best starting point for doing something like that.

I would think that BACnet and DIA would be a very useful combination and if anyone was looking to implement it I’d offer what help I can on the BACnet side of things. The two project admins for BACpypes (Steve Karg and Joel Bender) are also very knowledgable and helpful folk so there would be some people to call on if things got though!


There is no existing BACnet for Dia - one could try this.

Virgil_disgr4ce - you want Dia to poll an existing BACnet RTU/server?

The problem with many general Python tools is (unlike C/C++), Python is 100% living a dream world with unlimited virtual resources. That’s why people fail to run SQL, vision-recognition and other "std modules’ on an X4.

For example, my first attempt at parsing an XML file with a SAX tool required 2.3+MB of RAM to process a 40K XML file - nothing on a PC, but very much something on an embedded system.

A ZIP of the base code (I checked it out) is 182K & it has little inline docs, so that is largely code. You’d certainly want a newer X4 with 32MB of RAM or X2D with 16MB.

Is there such a things as a simple BACnet client/master to allow someone to test a BACnet server running under Dia?

There are a few options for BACnet devices to test out a BACnet solution under Dia.

The BACRabbit project (see my sig) provides fully working BACnet implementations for several Rabbit products.

The BACnet stack at provides sample code for running BACnet devices on Windows and Linux PCs. I’ve even ported it NetOS but because I’m not that familiar with setting up NetOS project files I haven’t put the port into the project - I can provide the files if soomeone really needs it.

VTS is a very powerful if somewhat user vicious piece of software for testing BACnet - see

Google for Wago BACnet Configurator for another useful tool - requires registratiion but no cost.

Wireshark is excellent for debugging BACnet as it has full BACnet disectors.