Bad signature for SD card with fat_automount

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I’m working with a RCM5700 with a 1GB SD card.

I can run the Flash_inspect.c sample fine, can read and write pages on the SD card but when I try to run the Fmt_device.c sample from the FAT samples I get an error about bad partition.

When I go through the code step by step it fails when comparing signature, the valid signature is 0xA55A but mine is 0x0E11.

Any help is appreciated!


Are you using an SD card recommended by Digi?

The following miniSD™ Cards were evaluated by Rabbit Semiconductor for use with RCM4300 Rabbit-
Core modules and future Rabbit-based devices that support miniSD™ Cards, and were found to interface
correctly with these devices. While other miniSD™ Cards may work correctly with a PC, some cards have
exhibited lockup behavior under certain conditions when running in the SPI mode, which is used by the
Memory size tested
Kingston 256MB, 512MB, 1GB
SanDisk 256MB, 512MB, 1GB
Toshiba 1 GB
Transcend 1 GB