Beginner TCP question

I’m very new to the ConnectPort and python programming. I simply want to listen for incoming zigbee traffic from an existing zigbee device and forward that data to an IP address and port number. I know the PAN id and how to set that up. I’m assuming I need a python script to forward the data to my remote application via TCP/IP.

I would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.

I would suggest (if planning on using python) going over:'s_Guide

This could probably also be done with the Dia using the TCPCSV presentation.

This sounds like it may be useful for me. However I have not found any info on Dia TCPCSV presentation by searching the Digi site and not one word about TCPCSV in the Dia Developers Guide, #90001064A.
Could you direct me to the document that explains the Dia TCPCSV presentation setup and usage.

I think currently all the documentation is in the code. I have some experience with it, so I’ll impart a few basics:

The code is located in:

An example of DIA yml configuration for it would be:

  • name: tcpcsv0
    driver: presentations.tcpcsv.tcpcsv:TCPCSV
    port: 40001
    interval: 10

The above would forward all channels defined every 10 seconds to the TCP/IP address of If you want only a subset of channels, use the channel_list parameter to define the channels desired in list format.

The data comes in like this (using the template device):
template.adder_reg2,1970-01-01 00:00:30,0.0,
template.adder_reg1,1970-01-01 00:00:30,0.0,
template.counter,1970-01-01 00:02:00,7,
template.adder_total,1970-01-01 00:00:30,0.0,

Note that only channels that have the ‘GET’ permission defined will be forwarded. In this case for the template device, the counter_reset and global_reset channels were left off due to lacking that permission.

Hope this helps!

That should help. Thanks.

I did look at but there is nothing that states what it does or how to use it. Thank goodness that this forum exists.
Wow, another case of having to know about the code to find any documentation!

Its getting to the point where I have more documents I compiled about Dia, python and the XBee modules than I downloaded.

No problem.

Knowing the code is helpful! Some of the best documents for presentations is in the doc strings of the code, or in comments at the top of the code file. One good example is the xmlrpc presentation. There is a pretty complete explanation of what functions are supported, the parameters required, and the response.

If you are feeling particularly benevolent, you could create and post those documents on the DIA wiki:

Maybe help some poor schmuck who ran into the same issues you did!

Ok, I may do that. I do need to have someone double check some of the information to be sure I got it correct.
I’ll be posting some questions on the XBee ZB forum for clarification.