Simple TCP Server Program & Scripts

Just thought of sharing my work to test output used on Dia’s Presentation Tool of TCP CSV.

How To Use:
Option A:

  1. Run the X_Server.exe file if you are on a Windows machine. It will auto detect the IP of the host machine you are running. This will be your TCP Server, running on pre-configured port 54000
  2. In Dia, load the CSV presentation settings. Key in the hosted TCP Server’s IP, Port Number = 54000, Set the frequency of the interval, and channels to record. Use Digi ESPs YML Graphic Editor for more details on the settings description.
  3. Wait and look for output in your cmd screen

Option B:

  1. Unzip folder to a directory
  2. Locate the unzipped folder on windows cmd
  3. make sure “python.exe” is configured in your windows machine PATH. To view how to do; just type
path /?

in your cmd screen.
4. then type

  1. Repeat steps Option A, step 2-3