Can't Compile Module: presentations.tcp_csv.tcp_csv:TCPCSV

Hello there,

I’m trying out this presentation module, in the presentation folder of dia_pkg_1.3.8. It failed on me :frowning:

The yml config is written like this:

  # Enable CSV File type Uploading
  - name: tcp_csv0
    driver: presentations.tcp_csv.tcp_csv:TCPCSV
        server: ""
        port: 12313
        interval: 1
        channels: [ WallRouter.light, WallRouter.temperature,
        Plug_A.SW1, Plug_A.SW2, Plug_A.SW3, Plug_B.SW1, Plug_B.SW2, Plug_B.SW3]

Unfortunately the output prints (a snippet of it): [For the full console output: click here]

Exception during dynamic class load:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\Denz\digi.workspace\OfficeXBee_Proj\src\common\", line 195, in service_load
XBeeConfigBlockDDO.apply_config: trying SET 'IC' = '0xf' to '[00:13:a2:00:40:4a:6d:88]!'
  File "C:\Users\Denz\digi.workspace\OfficeXBee_Proj\src\common\", line 52, in classloader
ImportError: No module named tcp_csv.tcp_csv

Which baffles me, since there is a file created in the \src\presentations cpcsv directory.
I’ve also checked in the, it’s not present in there. Strangely the build is successful after running the script
Still looking for answers. I’m gonna start by looking at the file which is rather long… @_@

It seems your custom python file is not being compiled within the dia project. Which is the command you are invoking to build dia? I believe you should add"-i" parameter and specify the location of your project, so required python classes that are in your project will be compiled with dia.

Something like this: -i 

Try this and check if it works.



Hey! thanks for the reply.

Did a rookie mistake. Notice the yml config?

driver: presentations.tcp_csv.tcp_csv:TCPCSV

That is the result when I use the graphic yml editor. Thus, that is why I only “trust” the source editor from now onwards.

This is what it supposed to be,

driver: presentations.tcpcsv.tcpcsv:TCPCSV

Going to report this to the Digi team.

Thanks anyway man!

Hello Denz,
Glad you could fix the problem. Just curious, I have been trying this with graphic editor and I am always getting

driver: presentations.tcpcsv.tcpcsv:TCPCSV

which is correct. Which version of Dia are you using? is it an official release?


seems so.
It came along in the file from Digi.
Currently I’m stuck at where do I create a location to retrieve that data. I’m hoping SQLLite will help. But that would be reserved for another thread topic (i hope it don’t come to that)

Oh and I realize the problem has to do with the ESP version. Not the Dia.
Running at v1.1.2.
Latest release is at v1.2.0.5
Do you know how can I update it without downloading the entire package?

Hello Denz,
As far as I see, the XML file describing the TCP CSV presentation of Dia 1.3.8 package is wrong. Problem resides in the Dia package that is being distributed. It contains the “_” characters where it should not.

This problem is fixed in the latest version of Digi ESP. There is not a direct way to update the Digi ESP because lot of improvements and new features are included. You can however maintain your workspace with your projects and use the new version of Digi ESP with them, there should not be any problem with that.

Thanks for helping us addressing this issue.