Binary commands on the XT09-SI in API mode

I’m using a pair of XT09-SI devices with firmware version 2067 in a rocket telemetry application. I want to take advantage of binary commands so I can monitor power levels, temperature, etc. without affecting the data stream. However, I’ve used up all the GPIO pins on my MCU so all I have is RX, TX, and one extra line I can use for CMD. I was able to use the CMD to send binary commands to the unit but without CTS connected, I cannot reliably differentiate the binary responses from the normal data. The API mode sounds like an option but it doesn’t appear the XTend Hopping firmware supports binary commands using the API mode. However, the Mesh firmware appears to support the full command set so can I use the Mesh firmware in a point-to-point mode to access binary commands using API mode? Are there any disadvantages of using the Mesh firmware? Most of the data in my application will be sent periodically from the vehicle to the ground so I was planning to set RR=0 (no retries) on the vehicle but set RR=20 on the ground to increase the chance of a short command making it back up to the vehicle.

One clarification - I see that the Mesh firmware supports AT commands (not binary) in API mode. So that should work for me but I just need to know if there’s any disadvantage of using the Mesh firmware vs. the standard firmware. Thanks.

Yes you can use the Mesh firmware to get the AT command access via API mode but it will have a lower throughput rate.

Thanks - how much lower throughput rate? Also, is there a difference in the maximum packet size?

I can’t say for sure but figure at least 1/4 of your current rate.

If I recall the max packet size for mesh is the same as it is for the Point to point code using the 115k RF data rate which was 2048 bytes.

Every packet is treated as mesh and the lower throughput. Oh and longer latency.