BL4S200 and SDCard

I want substitute a BL2600 with nand flash by a BL4S200.

In the BL2600 i put the files of images , javasript on the nand flash, can i put this to the sdcard of the BL4S200.
Thank you

Yes, you can format SD cards on the Rabbit to hold a FAT file system and provide access to those resources via RabbitWeb.

I recommend using Dynamic C 10.72D (the latest installer on Digi’s website) to ensure you have the updated SD card and FAT libraries to support cards larger than 2GB (SDHC), as it can be difficult to source small SD cards.

Please note that you should format the SD card on the Rabbit, and it will create multiple FAT16 partitions of up to 2GB. The Dynamic C libraries do not support FAT32 or long filenames.

Thanck you for the response.
I use the BL2600 since 2008 for a domotic application but now i have an electronic problem with the outputs. So i need to change the card. I thing to receive my BL4S200 next week and i must change the interface cards.
I remenber your name on the Rabbit forum and i thing to need help sometimes.
Thanck you very much.