Blowfish Encryption

This is more or less a feature request for subsequent versions of the API. I would like to see some sort of encryption added into the API for general use. It would be nice to be able to create session keys for use on the web. In examining the blowfish routines, these appear to be lightweight yet powerful. Here is the link: Has anybody ported this to the NETsilicon stuff? If so, can you post it for all to use/share?

This Encryption type has been implemented in the security module that is available as an add on for Net+OS v5.0. Blowfish-CBC: Blowfish is another block cipher, however Blowfish supports much larger keys than DES. (Presently limited to 128 bit keys.) Again, used in the Cipher Block Chaining mode, this is a good performing block cipher with longer key lengths than DES.

Thanks for the Info. We are still using NET+OS v4 so I guess we’ll have to wait until we upgrade or port it over.