Blue screen digiclsb.sys in Windows 7

I have installed a digi Neo 2 PCI card in a windows 7 x86 computer and two days ago the computer presents blue screen and it restarted several times . The card works fine when using XP on the same computer.

The blue screen referencing an issue with this driver:


My device is a simple desktop, and works fine with XP.

I am using version


There’s a known bug in the current release v9.3.62.0 Neo driver that you’re using, which can cause a blue screen.

Until a newer driver is released with the bug fix, I suggest trying the previous version Neo driver, v8.1.22.0 (Rev C1), as the known bug stated above was introduced in the newer driver.

To downgrade the driver, first make note of the Neo COM port assignments in Device Manager, in the Ports category. Next, uninstall the existing driver by going to Device Manager, making note of the Neo COM port numbers (in the Ports category), then MultiPortSerial category, right-click the Neo and Uninstall. If there’s a checkbox to delete the driver, check it. Reboot the computer afterwards then follow the normal instructions to install the older driver (extract the .zip file above and point the found new hardware wizard to that folder). If needed, re-configure the COM port assignments to match the older installation.