Board for computer interfacing


I am currently working on a project which requires hardware to PC interfacing (something like manipulating the keystrokes of the keyboard) , which is the recommended product to use to do such a project?

Any answers would be appreciated :slight_smile:


[edit] I am looking at the BL4S100 Single-Board Computer, do you think this is able to do the job?

I recommend DIGI ConnectME. I have replaced our Coldfire-based control with this one and very satisfied with this tiny $52 box. You will have 11 lines for your control. I use, for example, 2 lines for I2C, 4 lines for SPI and 4 lines for JTAG. With JTAG, I control any FPGA-based hardware. If you are interested, I can share the code.


Thanks Andrey for the reply.

However, I am currently using the bl4S100 my school provided me. I relatively new to these stuff and I hope I can learn more about it.

Do you guys i can use this board and write a code so that I can use the switches on the board to manipulate the keys on my computer?

Thanks. Any help or direction pointing would be useful.