Really Beginner Need Help On simple code for BL4s100


Apologies if there already threads about this topic , but I cant found any in the forum. I tried to googling and didn’t find much help with Dynamic C Programing. The only UC I have knowledge which not much is the PIC and was using assembly language for programing. I have basic to intermediate knowledge on C and C++ but not on how to program a UC.

Anyway lets get to the point. I have the BL4S100 dev kit which include with a Demo board for playing with I/O. It include with sample which I manage to run a few successfully. But that doesn’t help much on creating my own coding since I don’t understand much on the coding structure such as how to initializes the port to become output or input and how to manipulate the I/O. When I started on PIC I learn from basic such as how to flash LED, delays and using the I/0.

Can any of you guys help me with a simple coding for me to start ,such like a simple LEDs turning of and on with delays or maybe by pressing the switch for to turn on and of the LEDs.

Really appreciate the help and thanks in advance.

Hi wabbit,

It is probably a bit of overkill but the sample port of BACnet I have for Dynamic C uses the BL4S100 as a target and whan I use it with the demo board my simple app reads the first 4 inputs and updates the LEDs with their status. It also allows all the inputs and outputs to be viewed over the network using BACnet (I have them configured as simple analog or digital I/O but it would not be too difficult to set up pulse counting or PWM/PPM points on the digital side…

There is a very useful program at

Look for the Wago BACnet Configurator. It allows you to view and change objects on BACnet devices and I use it all the time.

As I said it may be a bit of overkill but at least it does target the BL4s100 so you could play around with it very easily.


Oops forgot to include the link to the BACnet stack!