Dynamic C code

I have a BL4S150 and the Connectport X4 development kits. In this application note on page 7 .
http://www.rabbit.com/documentation/docs/refs/AN422/AN422.pdf It refers to a program called “gpio_endpoint.c” in the “samples” directory.

IT’S NOT THERE!!!..lol

Can someone direct me to this program. I’ve looked everywhere.


Good afternoon, the app notes mentions a cd: The BL4S100 sample programs are on the Dynamic C CD.
The samples are not in the standard Dynamic C library, they are on a CD included with the kit.

Thanx for the direction.

The only CD that came with my kit was the Dynamic C 10.46 CD and the program isn’t there. I’ll probably just write my own program…

Thanks again!!!

Any chance you have the file?

Please send a request to support@rabbit.com and I will try to find this for you.

Hello again, If you purchase the digi x4 starter kit, this does not inculde a Dynamic C cd. If you purchase a BL4S150 from Rabbit, this does not include a CD. The standard Dynamic C download does not include the iDigi samples, these are included in the Bl4S100 Add-On kit ZB.

Hi M
Ok… I get what you’re saying.

I bought the BL4S150 with the Starter Kit as an add-on, which came with the Dyn C 10.46.

A short time later I bought the Connectport X4 Professional Development Kit.

And, as you stated, neither of these have the disk I’m looking for. I’ll get a hold of Digi to see if I can get that disk.

Thanks for your trouble.