SBC270A2 board software

We have PC Zword board SBC270A2, but we don’t know connect PC software. (what software and method connect).
Pls, help to guidline.

That’s a Z180-based product from the early 1990’s, so it might take some effort to track down the development software.

That board may have used “Dynamic C 32”, possibly version 6. I think that Dynamic C 7 (from the early 2000’s) was the first release for the Rabbit-branded microprocessors, and likely dropped support for the older Z180 products. Dynamic C 8 and 9 covered the Rabbit 2000 and 3000, and Dynamic C 10 supported the 4000, 5000, and 6000.

I got some additional information from Z-World employees:

That’s the Z-World BL1600, also called the Little-G.

Dynamic C 5.2 was originally used to program that board, it was later renamed to Dynamic C 32.

Digi no longer provides support for the old Z180-based products.