bootloader general limitations: tftp dhcp servers on same machine

Do the tftp and dhcp servers need to be on the same machine?

I successfully ran the tftp server on my pc with the dhcp server running on a different machine and the connectME was able to download image.bin via tftp without a problem.

However, according to the BSP Porting Guide:

“The TFTP server and the DHCP/BOOTP server must be located on the same machine; that is, they must have the same IP address.”

Has anyone else had success with a different tftp dhcp server configuration?

I rewrote the bootloader to tftp to a specific IP. This might seem not all that useful, but it would allow a user to connect the Digi to a laptop configured to that IP and upload new firmware to the Digi.

I couldn’t think of a way to enter a configurable IP into the bootloader when I was working with it.