How to change IP Address for Digi TFTP Server?

How does one change the IP Address used by the BootLoader/Monitor for purposes of accessing the remote (Workstation) TFTP Server that runs on my Desktop PC?

Our corporate LAN does not use/allow network address:

I am assuming that the Digi TFTP server installed by JumpStart on the Desktop PC automatically utilizes the IP Address that is assigned via DHCP to the PC’s Ethernet adapter ??

OK. Your will get IP from your corporate DHCP server. for me my our subnet is 10.80.x.x

My PC is ->…

In Uboot enviornment variables i will change serverip like below:-
In uboot prompt:-

$setenv serverip (your PC)
$setenv ipaddr (make sure this is unused by any other machine.)
$setenv gateway (this will help if your PC is not in same subnet)
$setenv dhcp off (this is important if it is ON it will NOT work.)

Then try
$update linux tftp

Thanks Bob - a big help in a very timely fashion.

Appreciate the reference to U-Boot, that triggered a thought process that led me to the U-Boot Reference Manual. Fog is beginning to lift!

Thanks Bob-Thomas, you "accidentally " help me too. I found your post very helpful to repair corrupted flash. I’m new to embedded Linux.