Ip connection with U-BOOT commands

Sorry for my simple question, but I’ve a Digi Connect ME 9210 with following partition:
Nr | Name | Start | Size | Type | FS | Flags

0 | U-Boot | 0 | 192 KiB | U-Boot | | fixed

1 | NVRAM | 192 KiB | 128 KiB | NVRAM | | fixed

I’ve tried to change enviroment variables but I cannot connect this device with net. Any suggestions? is there any docs on it?

Digi uboot dont have an ability to have ip address. However it has the ability to obtain a static IP address for tftp transfers only.

Sorry i dont understand your application in which you need only NVRAM and uboot partition. Why no OS?

If you want to reach to Digi device via network then there should be an OS running. The only other scenario is when you update the module with OS images via tftp transfer