Digi Connect ME TFTP recocovery Problems


I have som “bricked” devices that i want to recover.
I try to follow the procedure as described in:

This is the log from TFTPD_32:
Rcvd DHCP Discover Msg for IP, Mac 00:21:7E:90:00:63 [20/11 09:07:56.346]
Client requested address [20/11 09:07:56.356]
DHCP: proposed address [20/11 09:08:00.976]
5212 Request 2 not processed [20/11 09:08:00.976]
Rcvd DHCP Discover Msg for IP, Mac 00:21:7E:90:00:63 [20/11 09:08:04.326]
Client requested address [20/11 09:08:04.326]
DHCP: proposed address [20/11 09:08:08.946]
Rcvd DHCP Discover Msg for IP, Mac 00:21:7E:90:00:63 [20/11 09:08:08.946]
Client requested address [20/11 09:08:08.956]
DHCP: proposed address [20/11 09:08:13.576]
5212 Request 2 not processed [20/11 09:08:13.576]
5212 Request 2 not processed [20/11 09:08:13.576]

From wireShark i can see that Digi module asks for firmware upload (BOOTP)but, aparentelly Digi module wants the IP address and don’t accept the sugested IP assigned by TFTP server.

From the serial port I got:

Starting TFTP recovery…

Starting serial recovery…

I belive that bootloader is ok since i’m able to recover devices using Serial port method (It takes too much time, i’d like to avoid using it)

Thanks in advance,


There was a version of the bootloader that exhibited this issue. It has been corrected but the potential is you have devices with the problematic bootloader.

Your option is to recover the device using serial recovery. 

Wait until you see the CCCCC. Then using (for example) hyperterm, use Send File.... Select XMODEM as the protocol and the image.bin you want to load. It does take longer than tftp but it does work.

If you can get an image in the device that works and contains the ftp server, you can update the bootloader in the device using ftp. You'll want to ensure you have all patches installed. When you build a RELEASE version of a project, you get a new bootloader (rom.bin) in the Release directory (within ESP). You should be able to ftp the updated bootloader into the device. As always DO NOT interupt the download and flashing because if you crunch the bootloader, you will have a permanent brick. 

Lastly, it is always advisable to include the version of NET+OS that you are running, when reporting an issue.

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I’ve got the same problem a few days ago. I’ve patched tftpd32 and now it works. If you are interested in getting the patch, let me know.



Hi Peter,

sure, please let kwon how to patch tftpd32.
It takes a long time to recover via Rs232…

Thanks in advance,

Hi Márcio,

please send me your mail address to peter.hess_at_ph-home.de and I’ll send you the patched sources (VisualStudio required) or an ‘exe’ file.


Hi Peter,

I know this thread almost 3 years old but I really need your help. Could you please send me the patch (mhd.azeem@hotmail.com).