Bridging 3 XBee-PRO 868 devices to extend range?

I have 3 XBee-PRO 868 devices.
I want to set up a configuration like this:

A -> B -> C

Where B will act as a repeater. I know that this product doesn’t support mesh but does this scenario count as mesh?
Is this possible? If so, how?

Yes that would count as a Mesh or Repeater.

If your application can handle receiving what it has sent, you can do this by setting the B node in Broadcast mode and then connecting a Loop back adapter on the UART or simply shorting DI to DO.

Thanks but I solved it without needing any other adapters.

My whole solution:

Main catch was to use Library and use XBees on API mode.

XBee Configurations:
Use XCTU to configure XBees. I had 4 Xbee Pro 868 devices.

Factory reset all.
ID = some number you like. Must be same on all.
NO = 2.
AP = 2.
AO = 1.
NI = Name you like, I named them like ROUTER3, ROUTER2.
Note somewhere the SH and SL numbers, they are necessary to decide where you are sending stuff.
BD = 115200.

This proved that XBee Pro 868 can be used for any sort of mesh you can imagine. But via api mode.