bug in code optimization MULTI 2000, ARM v2.1

I use MULTI 2000, ARM v2.1 and if I turn on compiler code optimization (optimize for speed) and run my programm, I get a processor abort. I debugged the code in assembler and I can definitely say that the code is not working right. The stack contents are overwritten in a certain part of the code and thus the return of the procedure (restore of the stack contents) causes the abort. Is this a known bug?

If you are using Multi 2.1 then it means that you are with Net+Os v4.0. Well the thing with that is that only after the release of v4.0, we discovered an optimization problem with respect to the routing routines with in the source code that we fixed and reflected that in the new tcpip.a library, please use the enclosed one and let us know of your results. [Edited by: netforumsadmin on Dec 1, 2003 7:28 AM]