Build image cc9m2443js and CRC error while loading


I’m trying to make a new image of linux using Digi BSP (Eclipse) for my device cc9m2443js and when I execute the update (update linux tftp) returns error:
Verifying Checksum… Bad data CRC
command bootm 0x30200000 failed

Why BSP building corrupt images??


which Digi ESP version are you using? Do you have all latest patches applied to it?

Create a new project build and flash uboot, kernel and rootfs.

I’m using 5.2 version installed on kubuntu virtual machine. This OS image was provided by manufacturer.

I tried update Eclipse (Digo ESP for Embedded Linux) and found some packages but result is the same: error Bad data CRC.

Any ideas more?

5.2 is real old… You should be using 5.7.2.

With 5.2 what i will do is to install all patches and then create a new uboot/kernel/rootfs project , build images and flash onto modules.

Patches are applied to DEL tree in /usr/local/DigiEL-5.2, and these changes are not reflected to workspace.