how can I recover linux on CCWMX53 JumpStartkit

Hi ,

I just recieved a Wi-i.MX53 JumpStart kit , all was going well until
I used the update_flash command and now the Kernel crashes.

I used the command

update_flash uImage 3

and the kernel crashes now.

How do I recover from this sitution ?

the uImage was built from the directory


with the following sequence of commands

cp arch/arm/configs/imx5_ccmx53js_defconfig .config

make ARCH=arm menuconfig

and saved


make uImage ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=/usr/local/DigiEL-5.9/x-tools …

it built the uImage successfully

If uboot is still working you may be able to boot linux image over tftp from an image stored on you host machine. You also need nfs file system build on the host in order for the linux image to boot. So if image is in the correct place on the host you can then boot it like this:

dboot linux tftp

You shouldnt be using command line build for DEL .

Digi provides Digi ESP which will do this for you.

Create a new kernel/rootfs project and update onto module.

As your kernel is crashing you can interrupt boot process at uboot and update flash from uboot.

Refer Digi ESP > Help > Help Contents > Digi ESP for Embedded Linux > 8. Transferring the system to the target

If U-Boot is not booting anymore you can boot from a bootable SD card and update flash: