How to copy/backup a Linux image (uImage) from Wi-i.MX51 to a host PC or an SDcard?

I am not using DEL. Can we do it using Digi uboot command or something?


If you running linux on the module you can dump any partition to a file:

cat /dev/mtdX > imageX.img

Where X is a partition number from flpart. so du dum kernel do:

cat /dev/mtd2 > image2.img

then ftp image2.img in to your host - this is basically your uImage file

To see if you can do it from u-boot check uboot manual here
U-Boot Reference Manual but saving it to a file might be tricky if possible at all. reverse engineering is not intention of u-boot. Why do you want to read kernel in to a file?

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I have looked in the U-boot Reference Manual. There is a command to update u-boot, but no command for taking it out.

I have a board that working well, but not sure what version or how it built (I am using Timesys Factory). Before I wipe it and try the new uImage, I would like to back it up, just in case the new one doesn’t work.

I will try your suggestion and will let you know how it goes.


when it boots it should have date/time stamp and version info. and if it boots then indeed you should be able to save partition to file from userspace.