Button click in AWS RpSetType=function

I have a connect ME 9210 with netOS7.4. I am trying to do something simple at this point. have a button that calls the Stub function.

Below is my test.htm page

Sample Advanced Web Server Button

This creates the following test_v.c file

/* ************************************ */
/* *    Built from "html	est.htm"    * */
/* ************************************ */

char strBtnTxt[] = "";

extern void MyButtonClick(char *theValuePtr);
void MyButtonClick(char *theValuePtr) {


extern void initFormPage(void *theTaskDataPtr, Signed16Ptr theIndexValuesPtr);
void initFormPage(void *theTaskDataPtr, Signed16Ptr theIndexValuesPtr) {


extern void initPage(void *theTaskDataPtr, Signed16Ptr theIndexValuesPtr);
void initPage(void *theTaskDataPtr, Signed16Ptr theIndexValuesPtr) {


#endif	/* RomPagerServer */

so far I have been unable to get “MyButtonClick” to be called.
the only thing that happens is IE says “Error on Page” when I click the button.

Any help would be appreciated.


Something to do with the “onclick=MyButtonClick(this.form)”, I imagine - its looking for a Javascript routine that presumably doesn’t exist.

half right, that was a last minute “what do I have to loose” test. I just forgot to change it back. with out the OnClick I forgot there was not IE error. it just never calls my stub function.

From to Digi’s Support Wizards

“It looks as though the button can only be used for accessiing Javascript functions.”

Not sure I believe him yet but it is looking that way. my doubt comes from the documentation. Why bother documenting the prototypes for set types “function” and “complex” if they are never used.
I can see that the Gettypes for function and complex are used to put text on the button. I just don’t see any use for the SetTypes other then in response to the button being clicked

Code that works: