AWS do not call stub function


I dont understant why AWS not calling my submit function.

in htm source code I have:

in setup_v.c pbuilder generated SubmitFunc but by pressing the Submit on browser, there is not calling to this function

and on tag on begining of page

calling to setupPagePreProc working when setup.htm is displayed

I have tried Etheral and POST was executed after Submit

Many thanks to help me.

Hello Im solved it,

in the RpPages.c I was forgotten write object list.

I m creating setup.htm with one form, in separate directory
then generate setup.c
To the RpPages.c is needed added

rpObjectDescriptionPtr gRpObjectList[] = {

and also added

extern rpObjectDescription Pgsetup;
extern rpObjectDescription Pgsetup_Form_1;

Im creating always htm file in separate directory then translate it with pbuilder and copy .c file to project html directory
Because when we translate all htm files in workspace
there is very long time to translate in ESP