Can All the 802.15.4 stuff be bypassed and allow a completely transparent network?

My “network” consists of perhaps 100 devices with any (6) operating at once. (3) of the (6) are in air vehicles and may go out of range from time to time, but cannot disturb communication between the remaining nodes when doing so. I experimented with some zigbee (802.15.4) modules and every time a new one was powered on, the “network” stopped and reformed with unacceptable latency, hence the utility of Digimesh network. I am looking for a way to preserve the Digimesh behavior but add a button press/digital toggle aka line passing functionality. Can I do this with 802.15.4 modules?

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Yes, you can. Our 802.15.4 modules are transparent and designed to act as a Peer to peer product out of the box.

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