Can anyone suggest suitable tft display for rcm4300

Hi All,

I am using RCM 4300 for creating a web application project. Now i needed a touch screen display for real time monitoring of parameters. Could anyone please tell me suitable tft display for RCM 4300. i have searched a lot, but could not find any display related to rabbit core other than reach display for rcm 3720(application kit). But i need to log data in SD card(That’s why i have chosen rcm4300). any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

We wanted a smaller display, so we settled on the EA DogXL160 LCD display for our embedded application. They have a Touch160 touchscreen that will stick on top. See:

The TI Touch screen controller works well with it:

I wrote libraries to display graphics (4 shades of gray) and four sizes of text, as well as some sprites and bar graphs. Additional library routines draw buttons and touchable text areas and handle calibrating the screen to the display. Let me know if you want a copy.

I used uLCD-43DT (resistive touch) and uLCD-43DCT (capacitive touch) to communication with RCM5600W.

If your program requires a small memory, and want to quickly finish it, it was the right choice. It’s easy to make a program on that lcd using 4DG language, everything is ready on there, but capacity of the program memory(flash) is only 32kb readable by compiler. In fact, they actually have a 192kb flash, but the compiler is only limited to 32kb, I don’t know, maybe limitations of their ram.

I am now looking for a replacement that lcd, which have a huge flash, because the application that I created very complex. I need lcd 4.3" TFT colors with minimal 256k flash program, with rs232/ttl interface and easily create its program, If you know, let me know. Thank you.