Can APN settings be configured onto a Digi Transport via a auto script on USB stick?

Looking into ways to configure a digi remotely by not very technical end users. I know a script can be added to a usb stick to auto upgrade the flash, can the same method be used to configure APN settings?

All you need to do is save the command in an autoexec.bat file on the USB.

For an example you could use the following:

modemcc 0 apn
config 0 save

I have just tried on a defaulted WR21 and created an autoexec.bat in notepad and put it on a usb stick (FAT formatted).

modemcc 0 apn
config 0 save

The service light should be off due to no PPP session.
On plugging in the USB the signal lights should all blink a few times.
If the command has worked the PPP session should come up.
The service light will blink and then once the PPP session is up the service light will go solid.
Unplug the USB stick and move onto the next one.