Safest method to switch/flash/script APN (i2gold to M2M) on already deployed WR44R's?

Hello! We have a handful of legacy cellular Transport 44R-housed PLC energy data-logger panels spread throughout the country from our prototype phase and are wondering if the the AT&T APN’s can be reliably switched remotely with no actions required by on-site clients/IT. These are not initial setup but switching from previously defined ‘i2gold’ testing APN to permanent M2M.

Can this simply be a flash/script op through our Digi Remote Manager or Device Cloud? I know it can be done on-site easily with several methods like via auto-exec.bat on USB but we do not have that option. I haven’t been able to find specific instructions yet at DIGI/AT&T/Other.

Thanks for the assistance/insight!

Do you have remote access to the devices?

If you do you could change the configuration via the web interface or Telnet/SSH or even SMS if you set it up.

Simply set the router to reboot in 20 minutes with
“reboot 20”
Then set your new apn
“modemcc 0 apn MyNewAPN”
Then tell the modem (not the router) to restart

Now you wait to see if it comes online with the new APN.

If it does, log back in and do
“reboot cancel”
“config 0 save”

If it does not, wait 20 minutes and the router will reboot back to the old config.