Do any Digi 3G/4G routers have a list of pre-configured APN's on them?


If it is on a US module then sometimes and then other wise no, not generally.

Particularly the newer US focused modules load the default APN when you load the firmware for the correct provider.

If you have a use case or can describe what you are expecting and in which country then I am sure we can answer more correctly.

Thanks very much, also when trying to access the Web GUI remotely using two WR21 we are having difficulty in accessing it. We are trying to access it over the cellular network using off the shelf data sims from a O2 carrier, would we be able to have a guide please?

There is a simple guide here:

There are many more support documents here:

My questions would be:
Do you have a publicly addressable IP from O2?
Do they block any ports?
Do you have the firewall on and if so have you made rules for web access?

hello, in answering your questions we have enabled web access and for ease of testing we have enabled all ports including 80 and 443. However we do not have a publicly addressable IP address from the carrier?

If you do not have a publicly addressable IP address then you will never be able to connect to your device.

A potential solution for this is Digi Remote Manager if you need to be able to monitor and manage your remotely.