How to enable authentication for private APN

We are looking at WR21 to replace the fleet of existing Cisco 819G used to connect some remote devices to the corporate network via the wireless 3G.
At the moment we have a private APN create on the carrier network (Telstra Australia) and all C819 routers configured to connect to that APN. The gsm configuration is pretty much simple there:

“cellular profile 0 gsm create 1 PRIVATE_APN chap U1@private_apn U1_PSWD ipv4”

That command instruct the cellular module of C819 to connect to the APN PRIVATE_APN with the username U1@private_apn and the password U1_PSWD. Also please note that the carrier supports only ipv4 connection, but not PPP.

So, when we are trying to replicate that settings on WR21, it’s got a bit unclear how to force the router to connect to our APN with the given credentials, but without PPP.

Any ideas are welcome,
Thank you


Normaly when using authentication you would use the PPP instance assosiated with the SIM and use the username and password there

this is the methord the router talks to the mdule in the router and not the network.

so as long as the apn / username/ passowrd /PIN are set this should bring up the interface