Is there any way to configure Digi transport WR 41 on the air?

I’m using SIM cards from the local service provider with Data support (Data SIM) which have live IP address, is there any way to access the web configuration page remotely.

like let suppose my IP configuration is as below.

LAN IP address of DIGI WR - 41 =
IP of client attached to DIGI WR-41 =

from the client attached to WR 41 i can access web configuration page in my browser using this URL

my WAN IP address is 94.X.X.X

can i access the web configuration page by any means using my live IP Address http://94.X.X.X

i haven’t tried it yet but will give it a try and let you know as soon as possible.

As long as the WAN IP does not have firewall enabled and also if the service provider allows you access to the ports.

some providers block ports bellow 1024.

in this case you would have to have a firewall rule and use a higher port and translate it to port 80 or 443