how to access configuration web page thru cellular interface

I have two WR31 modems and both of them are in the Verizon Private Network which doesn’t have Internet access but with static IP addresses. Let’s say the initiator is and the destination is What is the proper way to use a PC connect one of the modems ( and trying to access the configuration page of the other one ( I tried to open the web browser and type in the destination modem’s IP address, but the page never gets loaded out. But in the command line mode, I can ping the destination IP address without a package loss.

Plus, I do allow the configuration via cellular interface option during the “Getting Started Wizard”.

if the addressing is correct you should try switching the anyliser on the responder to monitor HTTP on PPP 1 then from the pc on the initiater and try it again

if you dont see any information in the trace then you would need to talk to Verizon to find out the limitation of the service.

if you can ping the device and can telnet / ssh into the device it could be down to block on the network



what do you mean switch the analiser on the responder to monitor http on ppp1? what is the parameter should I change?

Another question I have is in the “Getting Start Wizard” to allow remote access via cellular interface option when enabled, what exact parameters been set up? I can’t get into this wizard every time by resetting the modem to out of factory status.

FYI, I can send and receive text via serial port on wr31. the connection is TCP. so I guess that means the verizon network is working.