Can't connect to digi wr31 using ip from external computer?

I can view the digi from server its connected to. However, I can’t connect to the digi using its ip address from external computer. It was working a few hours ago. Thought it might be a bad antenna. Switched it out and still can’t connect to digi using ip address from external computer. Any help would be appreciated.


first you need to check on the wr31 is connected to the
cellular network and it has an address you can connect to.

form execute command you can run 2 commands

modemstat ?
PPP 1 status

In most cases this should be a public internet address.

once this is checked you can make sure the router is connected to the internet by pining an address on the internet


then you should be able to connect to the router with the address provided above with the ppp 1 status command

if this address starts 10 or 172.16 - 172.32 or 192.168 then you do not have a public address and should check with your service provider