How can i connect over internet to a forwarded port on a wr31

i would like to connect to a specific device on the LAN side of a WR31. i have set up a staric NAT port in the WR31, but i do not know how to connect to the WR31 remotely without the Cloud site.


This will depend on the ISP you are using and if they have provided you with a public / routable address.

if you have starting address 192.168 / 10. / 100. / 172.
on the WAN interface you will not be able to connect to the WR31 as these address are NATTED by the Provider before they get to the internet and no connections from the internet will be able to get to the router.

if you have a Public address on the interface PPP 1 then you still might not have inbound routable address.

if you can ping the address from the internet and can get to SSH / Telnet / HTTP then you should be able to use port forwarding .

to check the IP on the PPP interface