How to open webpage of a device connected via ethernet to WR31 modem?

I have a wr31 modem installed remotely, and with it are 2 devices connected to the ethernet ports. I want to open the webpage of one of the devices. I can connect to the modem via a VPN, at 10.5.99.XXX but the devices on the modem’s network are 192.168.0.XXX.

How can I do that? thanks.

Enable NAT on your mobile interface for both IP address and port.

Setup IP Port Forwarding to the device.
ex. External Min port 81, External Max port 81, the IP of your device “Forward to Internal IP Address”, Forward to Internal port 80

Now once that is setup you would connect from the outside to the modems IP plus :81 (port)
ex. 166.123.321.123:81

Hi Bryonhu,

I was not able to solve the issue using this, trying to connect to using chrome I get this response:

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

Any other suggestions? thnx