Can I change a Wi-Me-C net+OS to the 9210 Linux OS?

I have a couple of Digi Connect Wi-ME-C modules that I picked up for cheap from a local Electronics store. I have worked with the 9210 LX wired modules, and therefore have all the tools and familiarity with this system. Is it possible to change these modules to Linux from Net+OS?


You can re-flash Digi Connect Wi-ME 9210 -C from Netos to Linux. You would need a byteswapped version of U-boot for this module. how much SDRAM/FLASH the modules you’ve got. I believe Linux needs a 8/16 to do anything practical

/usr/local/DigiEL-X.X/bin/patch_bin -s -c cme9210js-uboot.img cme9210js-uboot.img.swapped 0 0 0

Rename cme9210js-uboot.img cme9210js-uboot.img.swapped to rom.bin and programmed it to FLASH using naftpapp

You cannot convert to Linux old Digi Connect Wi-ME that are based on NS7520 ARM7 based microprocessor.

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Thanks! That’s what I wanted to hear.

Sorry, just to make sure we are talking about the same thing. My answer applies to Digi Connect Wi-ME 9210 -C,
and not the old Digi Connect Wi-ME which has ARM7 based processor and does not ran Linux at all.