Can I connect two XBee S6Bs directly though a wifi router?

Is it possible to connect two S6Bs through a router so that a button pressed on the first (for example) lights an LED on the second? This is possible on the radio modules, but I have not been able to get two WiFi modules to talk to each other. The router is necessary due to the distance between the modules. Of course I have configured the destination and MY addresses to reference each other, and I am using STA and Transparent mode as well as the default port numbers (2616). Is there a simple set of configurations to make this happen? Thanks.

No, the WIFI module does not support what is called Direct Digital IO line passing. Only the XBee 802.15.4 product supports that.

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Now if you want to send Serial data between the two, yes that would work.

Thanks. You anticipated my next question. I appreciate your guidance.