Can I prevent deauthentication attack on Xbee S1 or similar product S2 etc..

I am building a feedback control system and using wireless link in the feedback.
After running some tests I need to prevent de-authentication attacks because it breaks my feedback loop.
Does Xbee support management frame protection or is there another way or product that can?
Any help would e mcuh appreciated as I cannot find much information detailing this.
All I have found is 802.11w supports managment frame protection, and, Cisco offer management frame protection. But, Im want to incorporate somthing similar on the Xbee’s.

You should be able to enable encryption. There is nothing to stop an entity from blasting the spectrum to impact communication but that should stop them from interfering at the application level by permanently forcing a node off the network, etc.

What sort of tests did you run that you think de-authentication is a problem?

Running Kali Linux and using AirPlay-Ng you can attack at MAC layer. I’m trying to prevent MAC layer attacks which basically flood the bandwidth with disassociation frames which causes the client to disconnect. In a feedback control system I cannot have the feedback interrupted. Encryption at the application layer in this instance does not stop the attacks.
I’m thinking disabling the association setting should suffice. Will test soon when the modules and the teensy3.1 breakouts arrive.